This content does not apply to our selfless and tireless healthcare workers, first responders, and scientists who are working more than imaginable to keep us safe. They are working so that we can stay safe at home. They risk their lives for us. A great big THANK YOU isn’t enough!

This blog post is not intended to ignore the reality of the pandemic and the economy. That is all available elsewhere. This post is to remind us that there are a lot of pluses even in a temporarily negative situation.

Are you tired of hearing about the pandemic and all the things we need to do to get through it?  It’s tough to stay motivated, not get frustrated, and avoid getting depressed. I am seriously considering deleting email to avoid the vapid letters from companies saying, “We’re here for you, together we’ll get through this, etc.” You get the picture. All of a sudden I’m hearing from the CEOs of every business and all of a sudden they say they care! It’s not convincing. To counter those crisis letters, I want to share some thoughts about the little positive things about being quarantined at home.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here is what we know the pandemic will not affect.

  1. While many people may be infected with COVID-19, the number who die will be relatively small. The most recent mortality study of 0.66% is lower than initially thought. Earlier estimates of the population-level case fatality ratio from all case reports were in the range of 2–8%. That’s still substantially higher than the flu, which is 0.1%.
  2. It will not make people unsociable. Physical distancing is not exactly the same as social distancing. We can still be social with all the technology available to see each other and talk today. And there are many free options. Think of what it would have been like if this happened 25 years ago—no Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. It would have cost a fortune to make long distance phone calls and writing letters takes an eternity not to mention it’s one-way communication.
  3. It does not mean another pandemic will come again soon. There’s no pandemic season. Unlike earthquakes, no one can predict the probability of when a new virus or bacteria will be created.
  4. We are not prevented from going outside and enjoying unlimited fresh air. The air isn’t contaminated as it would be if there was a nuclear explosion. The air is actually cleaner since fewer people are driving to work.
  5. The food supply is not affected. Eat and drink whatever you want albeit sitting down in a restaurant is off limits.
  6. Your family is all together. Kids are home and studying remotely. This has pluses and minuses with different routines.
  7. Dogs and pets are happy to have lots of attention of many family members. Is there such a thing as too much attention?
  8. We have fresh running water any time we want.
  9. We have electricity and no blackouts.
  10. We may be bored but we are not sick.
  11. Time to be creative and innovative vs. madly rushing from one task to the next
  12. Driving less. No more commute, no ferrying the kids to extracurricular activities.
  13. One disaster at a time. Keep our fingers crossed that natural disasters such as tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes won’t appear before the pandemic is under control.
  14. It will not wipe out the human population.

We all need to be vigilant until this is over. It’s not exciting with the limitations on gathering with other people, but we’re alive and healthy. The vast majority of us are not putting our lives at risk like those in healthcare and first responders. I am thankful for them.One of the best ways to help them is to not spread or contract the coronavirus by staying home and staying safe.

Let’s celebrate what we have today and whatever comes tomorrow. And tomorrow will come!