Launched in 2005, Public Health Thank You Day is a nod to an important sector of people who work to keep us safe from injury and protect us from infectious diseases including the H1N1 virus and seasonal flu, pandemics, chronic illnesses, bioterrorism, safe drinking water and keeping children safe.

Public health officials at the local level work tirelessly in these times of budget shortfalls at pubic health departments nationwide. Most people don’t know what pubic health officials do for them. This year, because of the backlog of H1N1 flu vaccine, the public was told to go to their local public health department since many physicians did not have a supply of the vaccine.

Public health research over the years has resulted in longer lives that are more productive for all people. Public health doesn’t get the attention that a new drug or cure for disease does, but the ongoing efforts in the field over the course of time save us from threats that we don’t even hear about. To read more about public health heroes and their work,
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You have my thanks!