Last Saturday, our family saw the San Francisco Symphony perform  Oscar winning composer Tan Dun’s music live for the martial arts movie trilogy –Heroes, Crouching Lion Hidden Dragon and The Banquet. It is a very unique visual and musical experience to watch a movie on a big screen while the sound track is coming from the musicians on stage.

Tan Dun Trilogy San Francisco Symphony photo

Tan Dun Trilogy
San Francisco Symphony photo

These three movies are the Asian martial arts style movies where the actors fly through the air when battling their opponents. Not limiting themselves to fighting on the ground opens up opportunities to engage the opponents in attack or flee momentarily and commence attack on another level or angle. The fighters also make use of all resources available. Outdoors, they fly from tree to tree and bounce off branches to attack from above or shake their enemy off the tree. Creating solutions for business needs to entail looking at all resources available, using them appropriately, and thinking about the best ways to implement. Too often, implementers use the same procedures that have been used before instead of examining options and alternatives. This can cause issues because new solutions can behave differently and affect previously unaffected entities. In healthcare systems, launching a new product, web site or application can also cause security or privacy holes. A good way to avoid implementation issues is to include resources from outside your department, listen to the team’s questions, and have them devise the solution. That will lead to a successful conclusion and a happy team.