It’s rare to see technology impact the results of a sport as dramatically as in swimming.  Swimming doesn’t seem to be a sport that lends itself to technology.  There are no motors, no equipment, no gear.  Until now, it seemed that the best way for a swimmer to decrease their time aside from physical training was to eliminate friction or drag in the water.  That meant shaved heads and bodies and tiny tight swimwear for the men.

The newest high tech swimwear is fabricated from polymers.  It fits as tight as a corset and covers the swimmer from neck to ankles.  It configures swimmers by compressing them into aerodynamic shapes while making them more buoyant because the material is less porous.  The end result is seconds and minutes shaved off personal best record times.

Tech is not cheap.  The suits can cost $500. In the case of the swim bodywrap, the swimmer always improves their time as compared to traditional swim attire.  The swimmer uses one if he wants to keep up with the competition.

Competitive advantage comes in many different forms and prices. Have you looked around at the competition and seen what they are doing with technology to improve their business?  Keeping an eye on the landscape will prevent your business from getting too far behind, but watching developments in other industries will give you the insight to create new paths that make your company a leader in its field.  Can you create a bodywrap that could be applied to your own business that you haven’t thought of until now? It could result in increased profits or reduced expenses. And then everyone else will need a bodywrap to keep up.