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Telehealth: Learn It, Then Own It

Gyms are closed and running isn’t a favorite for me. So like many other people caught in the pandemic restrictions, I now exercise at home. I watch on-demand video classes that have instructors and class attendees. While one instructor demonstrated a move, he said, “learn it the first time, and own it the next time.” [...]

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A Wakeup Call to “Normal”

https://youtu.be/9lXCwh6C58E Many people felt we had an apocalyptic day here in the San Francisco Bay Area a couple of weeks ago. Daytime was a sky of dark orange and daylight never made it through the thick smoky fog. This photo was taken at 11:15 AM in San Francisco at the brightest spot in the [...]

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Patients Demand a Safer Doctor Visit

We are rolling out and back in of the coronavirus pandemic at varying speeds around the country and hospitals, clinics, and physician offices are trying to lure customers back for the care that has been deferred or delayed. Lillian Suwanrumpha AFP Getty Images Telehealth has forever changed the healthcare delivery landscape. Many consumers [...]

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Disruptions Pave the Way for Innovation

Test kits have been in short supply, but let’s imagine that we have all the test kits that are needed so supply is not a problem. If you want to be tested because you have one of the symptoms or came into direct contact or secondary or tertiary contact with someone who had it, would [...]

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Ask the Right Person the Right Question

The investigation into the two Boeing 737 MAX crashes reveals a disconnect between the plane and its users, the pilots. One of the events examined was the action of pilots in an emergency. Boeing tested the response of pilots using the standard emergency procedures to determine that pilots could control the plane in the rare [...]

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Is Your Customer a Stranger or Friend?

Healthcare is a people business. How you treat your customers and potential customers is more important than whether it is in person or virtual. Going into a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital is ratchets up the blood pressure for most people. They are going into what they feel is an unknown situation. The doctor might [...]

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Powering Up the Consumer in 2019

The battle for getting the consumer and patient dollars is just beginning. The largest technology companies have forayed into healthcare and are creating partnerships to expand and change healthcare delivery. The common goals are to deliver better patient outcomes, higher user satisfaction, and lower costs. Consumerism, protecting and promoting the interests of the consumer, is the [...]

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