Problem: Community health clinics had no method to evaluate the capability of EHR vendors to meet their needs.

Solution: Judy developed criteria and a rating system to qualify EHR vendors for these clinics.

Problem: There was no information on whether technology had an impact on quality measurement.

Solution: Judy conducted study to determine the effect of physicians equipped with technology on HEDIS measures. This research was used to determine factors in physician pay-for-performance programs.

Problem: The National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA) wanted a trusted third party to certify organizations that met HIPAA requirements.

Solution: Judy became the certified technical and administrative reviewer for its HIPAA security plans.

Problem: A healthcare community wanted to know if it could exchange information on patients and improve healthcare as a result.

Solution: Judy developed a strategic plan to exchange information between physicians, hospitals, and laboratory for an Internet-based network.

Problem: The government systems for community clinics were old and about to lose their support.

Solution: Judy determined the requirements for replacing a practice management system and electronic medical records for clinics.

Problem: Purchasers of EMRs could not tell if or to what extent vendors were compliant with HIPAA rules.

Solution: Judy developed a website to compare vendor products on HIPAA compliance using a standard profile.

Problem: A large healthcare organization needed to know the gaps in its HIPAA compliance.

Solution: Judy performed a HIPAA privacy assessment. She conducted interviews, determined gaps in policies, and wrote the report.

Judy has also been:
Founder of the Beta Partner Technology Program©, a technology partnership program for physician groups and vendors. AMGA, NIPAC, Bloodhound Software, and Sullivan Luallin were program participants.

Advocate for IPA interests at CALINX, a California information system standards project.
Developer of HIPAA seminars for CIOs of physician groups in California.

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