Case One: Opening the Blocked Entryway
Problem: A major health insurer launched a project to take applications online from brokers. The onscreen form would pre-clean the applications, eliminating errors and omissions, and saving time, effort, and money. However, two years later the project was out of control. When it went live, it failed to meet the needs of internal brokers and external ones simply didn’t use it. Meanwhile, the project team had disappeared.

Action: Judy restarted the project from scratch and managed it through to implementation.

Result: She successfully eliminated its array of problems, reduced security risk, and completely satisfied both the internal and external brokers. Overall, Judy prevented $11.5 million in potential lost revenue from 5,300 contracts, and saved the company $125,000 per year.

Case Two: Opening Access to Records
Problem: A well-known insurer had merged with two others and they spoke different technical languages. Benefit administrators needed access to all the records, yet the project to convert to a single standard had stalled. There was no centralized control and the project had been without a manager for a year and a half.

Action: Everything had to be done at once. Judy pulled the groups together and made sure they were communicating and meeting deadlines. She continually made it clear what the other groups were doing and how they all interrelated.

Result: The benefit administrators gained much better support and could be more responsive and customer-friendly. They more effectively served the company’s large number of corporate clients, who pay the insurance for their employees.

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