Am I Getting to the Heart of the Problem?
Often diagnosing the problem is the problem. The same systems integration solutions don’t work for everyone because the challenges of information management differ from organization to organization. Let a professional who knows both healthcare and information technology help you define and clarify the issues.

Am I Getting the Solution Right for Me?
The true yardstick of any information system is how well it meets your needs. HealthPro Consulting begins by conducting a needs assessment to determine the information requirements of your organization, department, or special user group. We use the results to develop and implement the technology solution that best fits your organization.

Am I Minimizing the Risk of Miscommunication?
Information service providers and healthcare professionals often seem to speak different languages. A project’s success depends on transparent communication among healthcare professionals, business executives, and technical staff. We understand both the information needs of healthcare professionals and the technology solutions, and we clarify communications and reduce project risk.

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