HealthPro Consulting: A Background of Leading-Edge Experience

Judy Chan is a nationally-known business leader with a thorough knowledge of healthcare and IT.

When she founded HealthPro Consulting in 1997, healthcare technology was in its infancy. High tech mainly focused on medical devices, not the business side. Few consultants understood both healthcare and the underpinnings of technology solutions.

Judy brought deep expertise to healthcare, along with a professional hands-on approach, and she has helped modernize such companies as Blue Shield of California, Delta Dental, and Sutter Hospital Systems.

Judy began developing her skills as a student. She received a BS with honors in public health from the University of California, Berkeley, and then leapfrogged the usual work experience requirement to earn a masters in public health (MPH) with in biostatistics and health planning analysis.

“I think of my services as revitalizing organizations, helping them improve their information flow and save time, money, and wasted effort.”

As a consultant and technologist she has overseen projects in numerous states as well as Australia and Hong Kong. At Wang Laboratories, she was promoted to branch manager from senior systems consultant. She handled over 100 accounts and helped implement the company’s most innovative products, including its first system network architecture.

At Tandem Computers, she began as a senior systems consultant and then was promoted to Senior Program Manager Custom Network Solutions, followed by Manager of Asia Pacific Integration Engineering Project Operations and then Director of Partnership Development in Hong Kong. She managed developers and quality assurance, connecting users and sharing applications with a fault-tolerant operating system at a time when these capabilities were just becoming available. As manager of Asia Pacific Operations, she oversaw a $30 million project and received Tandem’s most prestigious accolade: the Director’s Award.

Judy also developed a successful program with the World Health Organization in Geneva to enable physicians in the field to collect data in the field and allow analysis on site.

With HealthPro, Judy Chan seeks to close the technology gap in healthcare. She has implemented HIPAA for Sutter Hospital Systems and other organizations. She has aided a major insurer with an online broker application system and worked with Delta Dental on many projects to enhance the integration of IT to leverage business strategies.

Healthcare still lags behind the world in IT, even as preventable costs escalate, and HealthPro Consulting significantly cuts those costs. It helps invigorate healthcare and save time, money, and wasted effort.

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