The new dynamics of healthcare are shifting the patient paradigm in dramatic ways. The former patient is now both a consumer and a customer. The mantra of this new consumer is “convenient, high value, fast, and simple.” These expectations of healthcare are similar to what people experience in other industries such as transportation, banking, short-stay house rentals, retail shopping online, same-day delivery, and more. Read The Patient Paradigm Shifts to find out who the new consumers are and how to attract and keep their business in a dynamic industry.

“Healthcare is at a critical junction in its evolution. Bringing together patients, providers and payers will pave the way for a dynamic and successful healthcare system. Judy Chan is providing a road map for that journey and I suggest you attune your healthcare GPS to The Patient Paradigm Shift to ensure success.”
Richard Citrin, Ph.D., MBA, Healthcare and Organizational Consultant, Author, The Resilience Advantage
“Judy Chan thoughtfully articulates how the flow of data and information in the Digital Age is dramatically changing the relationship between physicians and patients, and forever altering the landscape of American medicine. The Patient Paradigm Shift is an insightful look inside modern health care and its many challenges and opportunities.”
AMA CEO James L. Madara, MD

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Available in e-Book and softcover

The Precision Patient Experience Delivers Customer Satisfaction

The patient paradigm has shifted and the patient is now a consumer in today’s healthcare system. This consumer is shopping for services by looking at quality and price simply because they need to pay more for care out of their own pockets. The consumer’s experience is vital to the success of healthcare organizations because it affects loyalty, which is important in keeping patients and attracting new ones… Read More


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We Help You Achieve Success for Less

Judy Chan, MPH

Information technology is revolutionizing healthcare and we have saved clients up to millions of dollars through better use of it. We know good IT can be the difference between a freeway and an old country road.

Yet the field is intricate and pitfalls abound, and we guide you through it. We help you:

  • Improve care.
  • Cut expenses.
  • Increase sales and growth.
  • Enhance efficiency and margins.
  • Boost customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Expand your market.
  • Prevent costly miscommunication.

IT improves productivity — that is, gives you more for less — and HealthPro Consulting can dramatically widen the spread.

We Know Both Sides of Healthcare Technology

With our decades of experience, we understand healthcare needs from the inside out and we know the IT strategies that work best in specific cases. We take your strategies and implement them seamlessly.

Our clients span large, medium, and small businesses as well as nonprofits, and we serve them across all stages of development.

Medical errors alone cost the U.S. $37.6 billion each year, according to the Institute of Medicine. We help you avoid them and maximize your return on IT investment, so you can concentrate on your core business.


Let HealthPro Consulting work with you remotely, from the privacy of your office or home.


Everyone loves positive feedback. Judy is no exception. Read what other clients have to say.

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What People Are Saying About Judy

“Judy’s communication and facilitation skills throughout her contract with the HIBC project were excellent. Her involvement covered the full depth of the installation from troubleshooting technical details regarding the software itself, to policy implementation governing the use of the software, to development of opt-out procedures for hospital and clinic staff, to ensuring compliance with privacy and security regulations, and development of participant data use agreements. Judy was instrumental to the success of the Alere/NHCH installation and played an important role in the overall success of the HIBC project. I recommend her without hesitation for complex health IT related project management services.”
Susan B. Hunt, CEO, Hawai’i Island Health Information Exchange
“I recommend Judy Chan without reservation. I have hired Judy as a consultant on two distinct projects, which involved designing and implementing studies. She delivers high-quality results on time and within budget. I have repeatedly seen her technical and project management skills contribute significantly to a project’s success. She is a total healthcare consultant and professional.
Lauren Vela, Senior Manager, Pacific Business Group on Health
“Judy’s been a key contributor for us. She’s taken on the tough projects with enthusiasm and energy. She positive and direct, and she really delivers. Judy has the experience to act in different capacities, such as project manager, product manager — a big plus. Her attention to detail, sense of humor, and ability to work with all company levels are great assets to have around.”
Robert Hitomi, Director, Delta Dental of California
“Judy’s keen project management skills, critical thinking, industry knowledge, and interpersonal talents made her someone I could always rely on. She pays strong attention to details and costs while keeping the big picture in mind. She is proactive and escalates the important stuff when needed. A pleasure to work with!”
Richard Lee, E-Business Sr. Product Manager, Delta Dental of California
“Our project was successful under Judy’s management. Your attention to detail, follow through and resolution of issues made my leadership role easier.”
K. Jönzzon, Vice President, Delta Dental of California
“Judy and HealthPro Consulting saved us extraordinary amounts of time and money. She was able to solve predicaments and give direction to our team, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Mike Colville, Delta Dental of California
“I wholeheartedly recommend Judy. Her healthcare background and deep knowledge of the health insurance industry were extremely valuable to the entire team, and I definitely hope to work with her in the future.”
Tibor Vozar
“Judy is an excellent consultant. She is very knowledgeable, insightful, organized, and detailed, with great communications skills. And she’s a pleasure to work with, both as a colleague and a friend.”
Neal Cronin, Web Portal Business Groups, Blue Shield of California